One down, four to go!

One down, four to go!

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Though we have 10 athletes signed up for the Crossfit Open from Jab, just about everyone got a chance to do 17.1!  Some did it twice!  Wow, it was BRUTAL!  After two days I am still sore!  I admit, it was fun.  No, not DURING the workout.  But that feeling AFTER the workout.  These Open workouts are not easy.  They are meant to be hard but luckily for a lot of us they offer a scaled version, then there is the rx version that some of our incredible athletes are crushing!  Nice work!  Wonder what 17.2 will be?  Any thoughts?  There are usually thrusters, rowing and toe to bar in these Open WODS!  Cannot wait!  We have four more weeks of the Open and at the final day, on March 24th we will celebrate together down at The Ram after 5pm class!  See our Facebook event for details!  This celebration is for everyone at Jab Crossfit, whether you signed up for the open or not!











For those of you who’ve been doing the Feb. nutrition challenge, tomorrow is day 30!  Congratulations on all of your dedication and hard work!  I hope you all found something wonderful about clean eating for a month and continue some semblance to what you’ve been doing to your diet for the past 30 days!  Maybe it’s no alcohol for the week (until the weekends, duh!) or maybe it’s skipping the sugar after lunch or dinner?  Mainly, be careful how you reintroduce foods you’ve avoided this month back into your diet.  There is a whole plan.  Read carefully.  I’ve warned you!

See you in class this week!  Keep bringing your running shoes with you 😉  With the longer days we now get to run!  Yep, I said “get to”!

Keep moving!