The aches and pains!

The aches and pains!

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Who did hand stand push ups yesterday and felt that ache in your wrists??  I sure did!  Then today with the overhead squats?   Yep, there is a good reason we recommend wrist wraps!  You’ll see a good variety among your fellow athletes in class.  They give really good wrist support and I personally can tell when I haven’t been wearing them and when I have.  Coaches highly recommend having a pair to throw into your gym bag, keep them handy!  The prices range from $5-$20, Coach Annie picked up a pair years ago for $5 at Walmart and they are still in great shape!  Check Dick’s Sporting Good, Etsy, Amazon, etc!

The mobility we do everyday?  Sometimes it is to rehab from movements from the day before, sometimes its to get ready for the work ahead.  We do a lot of reading from Kelly Starrett from, who wrote Becoming a Supple Leopard.  Lately he’s had some great recovery mobility to use after 17.1 and 17.2.  That low back pain from the dumbbell snatches and burpee box jumps we did two weeks ago?  Yeah, everyone was feeling that!  Kelly posted the mobility at a critical point in my day and, tada!  It worked like magic!  The lunges in 17.2?  He posted some great stuff to recover from that too!  Wonder what 17.3 will bring to everyone?  I’m excited!!

Working hard brings along soreness.  That is totally common!  What is important is to know the difference between being sore and being in pain.  Pain is not ok and you should alert your coach if at anytime during a movement you feel any sort of pain.  We can assess the movement, give you some tips and give you a modification to do instead.

Keep moving!