The End of the Open!

The End of the Open!

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We have now come to the end of the Crossfit Open!  There has been some really amazing work here at Jab during this Open season!  I’m proud of each and every one of you who have come in each week, whether you signed up for the Open or not, and really gave it your all!  Some of these workouts were doozies!  Those box jump burpees and dumbbell snatches?  YOUCH!  It’s been super fun and I love the feel of everyone in our community cheering like crazy for each other!  This Friday will conclude the 2017 Open with one last workout.  What will it be?  Well, with Dave Castro’s hint he posted of a steak with a knife stuck in it it’s gonna be one brutal workout is my guess!  Everyone is guessing thrusters, we will see tomorrow evening!

Don’t forget, this Friday night following the 5pm class, we are all going out to celebrate!  Now, be sure to note that we’ve changed the location to the Duchess on 55th.  Come workout or cheer on the 5pm class and then follow us up to the Duchess!  Please bring your spouse/significant other with you!

Lastly, I shared this article by She Thrives blog to our facebook page about comparing yourself to others in the gym.  Please, if you haven’t already read it to do so now as this is really important!  You work so hard every time you come to class, it’s easy to dismiss why you aren’t doing xyz because you aren’t tall/lean/short/strong/etc.  To see yourself as an amazing athlete who comes in the door each day and gives your all should be all that matters.  Not focusing on what you can’t do.  Keep those negative thoughts away.  You are doing some serious hard work here and always be proud of what YOUR body CAN do!

Keep moving!