Jab Crossfit’s Barbell Club Returns!

Jab Crossfit’s Barbell Club Returns!

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Thank you to everyone who brought their friends and family a couple of weeks ago for our first ever Buddy Day WOD!  What fun Coaches had and we hope everyone enjoyed 12 minutes of burpees and wall balls!  We hope to do this again in the future, we will keep you posted 😉

I know Spring Break is here!  Hope everyone had fun in Mexico/Salt Spring Island/Hawaii!  Where are those photos of you working out on vacation on the beach?  Just kidding!  Your coaches hope you relaxed and, most importantly, had fun!

Big announcement!  Back in the early days of Jab Crossfit, Coach Tyler ran a barbell club every weekend.  For that hour of class the focus was Olympic Lifting, no cardio!  Getting time to practice Snatches, Clean and Jerks, etc.  It was awesome and a number of our athletes took part in it.  When Coach Tyler moved we discontinued Barbell club, until now!  We are excited to announce that we are bringing it back!  Starting next Sunday, April 23rd, Barbell Club will replace our regular Crossfit class at 8:15am!  Put it on your calendar and come work on your technique with fellow Jablete, Will Kahle!  Will has 8+ years of Oly Lifting experience and has a wealth of knowledge to share!  I highly recommend taking advantage of Barbell Club.  Come work on your technique!  Do some strength training! It’s going to be awesome!

One last announcement, there will be no class this Sunday April 16th!  Enjoy your Easter with family and friends!  Get outside and have fun!

Keep Moving!