Memorial Day Weekend Updates!

Memorial Day Weekend Updates!

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Some very important announcements, but first I want to say how awesome it was to have Coach Tyler come by the gym while he was in town!  As we see him as the beginning of Jab Crossfit, it was great to have him join us as an athlete, get to see some very familiar faces and meet some new ones!  He’ll be moving here next month and we hope to see a lot more of him!

This coming weekend is Memorial Day!  Here is the schedule:

Friday, May 26th 6:30am and 10:45am classes as normal,  no 5pm class!

Sunday, May 28th no barbell club!

Monday, May 29th MURPH first heat at 9:30am, second heat at 10:45am!  No other Crossfit classes on Monday.

Now, we had originally thought we would need two heats for Murph this year.  Last year we were packed in and wanted to give an option for two heats, freeing up more space for pull ups stations.  So far, we only have sign ups for 9:30 class.  IF you are planning to come for Murph PLEASE sign up right away! I’ll give you a few more days to commit then I’m calling it 😉

Remember!  Please do not feel as though you can only sign up IF you do the full workout!  You have options to scale it!  Partner up with someone and each do half Murph, together you will complete a full Murph!  Traveling over the holiday weekend and can’t make it to Jab on Monday?  Do Murph on your vacation!  Sub situps for the pull ups!  Alternatively you’ll have the option to do Murph on Tuesday along with a few other athletes.

Take care of those hands before Monday!  I’ve posted this before, take a moment to read it again and smooth out those calluses!  Crossfit Hand Care

Keep Moving!