Fourth of July!

Fourth of July!

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School is officially out for all of the kids!  Happy Summer, everyone!

Now, we’ve discussed this before but I wanted to remind you all that even though summer may make it difficult to get into the gym for your regular classes, trying to get in for a workout at least 2x a week (maybe even 3!) will be much better than not at all.  If you find yourself traveling that’s a great opportunity to make up a little tabata workout to do!  A quick 15 min workout will sustain you in the long haul and when you are able to get back to a regular routine at Jab it won’t be as awful as not doing any workouts at all!

So fantastic to see so many PR’s in the last two weeks!  Nice work and keep it up!  Your fitness is constantly improving, a benefit of all the hard work you put into the gym!

Next week is the 4th of July!  We are running regular class schedules EXCEPT for Tuesday, July 4th when we are closed!  That means you should totally enjoy the day!  Have fun, be safe, eat all the bbq, enjoy some cold beer and have a blast with your friends and family!

See you all in class next week!

Keep Moving!


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