Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day!

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Happy Fathers Day!

How awesome to see so many athletes coming to Barbell Club last week!  I’m so excited that we can offer this to you all and it’s so great to see more and more of you making it in on a Sunday!  I know your weekends are valuable, mine certainly are, but Will has so much information to share and he is a great instructor.  There will be Barbell Club on Fathers Day!  Come treat yourself, Dad’s!


Now, Summer officially begins next Wednesday.  Today, with all of the rain and darkness (Juneuary), I wasn’t so sure but I did stop and eat my very first strawberry from our patch and it was DELICIOUS!  Super sweet!  Can’t wait for the whole patch to ripen!  With summer come irregular schedules, vacations, stay-cations, late summer nights.  We will be keeping our regular Crossfit schedule at Jab throughout the summer but if you need a little motivation while you are away from home ask your Coach!  We can come up with some awesome ways to still get your heart rate up while hanging at the lake/pool/ocean/campsite 😉

Tomorrow we will get to hit some heavy Deadlifts and I’m sure we will see some PR’s!  For those of us athletes that have been around for a few years or more those PR’s are harder to come by.  In those early days of Crossfit it felt like we’d hit a new PR every time!  Then we plateau.  Our gains become smaller and take longer but that does not mean you walk away feeling frustrated!  Stick with it though, it will come.  Patience, grasshopper.

Keep Moving!