And the Fittest Woman/Man on Earth is….

And the Fittest Woman/Man on Earth is….

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Before I announce anything about the 2017 Crossfit Games I hope you all had a chance to at least catch a few events last weekend.  The women sure made things exciting!  Almost every day was a question of “who will come out on top?”.  The men, not quite as much as over the course of the 4 days Mat Fraiser had such a tremendous lead in points nobody could pass him up.  The exciting part was seeing who else would stand on the podium next to Mat!  I cheered on “The Professor”, Brent Fikowski and the rooky, Ricky Garard but also for some of my all time favorite athletes, Panchik, Smith and  of course Bridges.  But the women!  Sorry, men.  The games this year was all about the women!  Oh the ladies made it so, so exciting and it brought me to tears to see Tia-Clair Toomey, Kara Webb and Annie Thorisdottir come out on top!  All of the events are still on the Games page in case you want to go back and watch.  There were definitely some interesting events this year.  Loved the cyclocross, the hay bales, bangers and Amanda 4.5.  Awesome.  Sam Briggs?  AMAZING.  Did it inspire you?  Seems like Coach Annie was excited!  She got into the gym and busted out bar muscle ups, and heavy squat snatches!  YEAH!!  That is exactly what I love about this sport!  A little motivation to do it!

Thank you to everyone to bid Dice a wonderful farewell last week!  It was bittersweet and I hope we will get a chance to see her again, be it in San Diego or a visit back to Seattle.  Dice, you are welcome anytime to drop in!

Summer is coming to an end (shh, don’t tell my kids)!  We would love to invite you all to come celebrate the end of Summer with us down at Sail Sandpoint on Friday, August 25th from 5-8pm.  We will have paddle boards, kayaks and you may even be able to entice Bryce to take you out sailing!  So bring your kids, significant other, bathing suits, towels and some picnic fare.  Meet us down at the docks at Sail Sandpoint!  We will swim, paddle and enjoy the very end of the warm lake and sunshine!  More info to come but wanted to give you a heads up to mark your calendars!

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