Easing Back

Easing Back

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Happy first rainy day in, what seems like, months!  Remember in the winter when we experienced months of just rain?  Today feels like a welcome to the dry heat we’ve had for so, so long.  Too bad we aren’t running today.  HA!

For some of us this summer getting into the gym for our regular 3-5x a week just wasn’t happening.  Maybe you spent more time with your family while they were on summer break (yay!) or maybe you just needed a break because of injury, work, surgery, vacation, etc.  Now, I feel like this has been a common theme this summer for me to write about but I wanted to say one last thing about forgoing our usual.  IT IS TOTALLY OK.  Really!  Just remember when you start getting your time back and you are itching to get in for a workout to really turn down the dial.  Lower your expectations of what your body will be able to do after taking a month or two off.  Maybe don’t go for the rx in weight, gauge it during the warmup to what you really think your body can handle.  You may not be where you were when you left off before your break but dialing it back a little bit will certainly help get you back to where you left off.

Labor Day weekend is here!  Here’s the schedule:

Friday, Sept. 1st, no 5pm class all other classes on Friday as scheduled

Sunday, Sept. 3rd, no barbell club

Monday, Sept. 4th, Jab Crossfit Closed All Day

See you all next Tuesday!

Keep moving,