End of Summer!

End of Summer!

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For a few of us our kids start school next week!  Yesterday I took my son to register for his sophmore year classes!  Time flies.  It is a bitter sweet time of year.  I, myself, am ready for the routine.  Ready to have the day back to myself to get what I need done yet I love the down time for my kids.  To let them really enjoy time off from their usual.  They’ve had a great summer!  Hiking, sailing, stand up paddling, softball, etc!  For us parents, it’s hard to get into our “own”.  Summer can be a time when we feel the pull of vacation, time with our kids but we should always remember the importance of play.  This is a time when, yes our routine changes, but to find something about that change that benefits everyone!  Think hikes, wakeboarding, kayaking, etc!

Speaking of play, this Friday (today!) we will be celebrating the end of summer down at Sail Sandpoint!  Right by Arena Sports at Magnuson, you’ll find us on the dock.  Look for the canopy with your Coaches hanging out!  We will have stand up paddle boards, kayaks and shade to provide!  You just need to bring your picnic dinner, family/significant other, camp chairs and life jackets!  We will be down there from 5-8pm.  Hoping for a warm evening!

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