Athlete of the Month!

Athlete of the Month!

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This is the very last week of September!  I’ve found myself saying “it’s not October yet!” as next Sunday will be the first day of our nutrition challenge for October!  Are you ready?  How are you participating (or not) this next month?  I know, from speaking with most of our athletes, a number of us are doing the Whole 30.  Last blog post I spoke about this very cool idea of taking one or two things out of your regular diet for 30 days if you didn’t want to do a whole month without rice, bread, (ok, lets just say ALL grains) sugar, dairy and alcohol.  We have a special Whole 30 Facebook page that is very helpful and a great way to give each other support, post photos of food you are eating, complain and commiserate and inspire!  It’s Jab Crossfit Whole 30 if you want to join!    Use this last week of September to eat (or donate or toss) all the food you have in your pantry that you will not be eating next month.  One last hurrah maybe?

This month we celebrate one amazing athlete at our gym,  Amado!  Amado has been a regular for almost 3 years now.  He not only does Crossfit at Alpha Martial Arts but he is also a dedicated Muay Thai and Karate student!  As one of the biggest cheerleaders in our group, Amado has this amazing ability to crush his workouts, cheer on his fellow athletes and leave with the BIGGEST smile you’ve ever seen.  Probably the most positive adult I’ve ever met and one that has this ability to travel the world every single summer.  Again, how do you manage to do that??!!  He is an amazing role model to his younger brothers and sister, showing that hard work, loving what you do and a craving to learn more pays off big time.  Amado, keep up the amazing work!  Here are some things about Amado you may or may not know:












name: Amado (I also use the alias “Mike” when I’m waiting for a table at a restaurant, ordering a drink, etc.)

age: 27

where did you grow up? Beautiful, green, rainy city of Seattle

when did you begin at Jab Crossfit? 2.5 years ago

Is this the first place you tried Crossfit?  Yes.  I started with Coach Tyler, and kept coming back for more pain and pleasure ever since.

what do you do when you aren’t at Jab Crossfit? Dancing.  Swimming.  Hiking/camping.  Bouldering.  Travelling.  Cooking/eating.  Work.  School—I’m forever a student.

how did you first hear about Crossfit? My little brother, Dylan, started karate at Alpha.  I noticed that Alpha was also offering CrossFit classes so I decided to try Jab.  My younger sister, Chelsea, also started training in karate shortly after.

when did you realize Crossfit was right for you?  After realizing how supportive my fellow athletes and coaches are.  Jab/Alpha/Chaisai has become my second home.

what is your favorite wod/movement/lift? Body weight movement.  Double unders.  Deadlifts.  I also love squats, but who doesn’t right?!?!

what is your least favorite wod/movement/lift? Balls to the wall

what is something you have done at Jab Crossfit that you never thought you would do? Muscle ups—I was literally in shock when I did my first one.

what motivates you to get through a wod?  The thought of how much food and drinks I can consume after…haha.  But in all semi-seriousness, it’s the community spirit, coaching, and the feeling I get when I finish a killer WOD—sweating all over, mentally/physically exhausted, sometimes with ripped palms, but still smiling.

tell us something about yourself that we may not know I love to watch horror movies with good company while we binge red wine and cheese—any food I can get my calloused hands on.

what advice would you give to someone new to Crossfit?  Just keep coming back.  Set short and long-term goals so you can measure your progress.  Remember that you’re only competing against yourself.  Everyone’s body is beautifully different so do what’s best for your body on that particular day you are training.

do you have any Crossfit goals?  I have numerous CrossFit goals.  I keep close track of my progress, and always strive for continuous improvement.

what do you love most about Crossfit?  I absolutely love the community—fellow athletes, coaches, everything about the program.


Keep moving!