Officially Back in the Groove!

Officially Back in the Groove!

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Can we just say how awesome it is to have everyone back in the gym?!  Natasha has returned from a year on the east coast.  Amado just got back from an epic trip to South America where he climbed Machu Picchu.  Our regulars are back after summer break and our gym couldn’t be happier!  We also have a number of new athletes who have recently joined our community!  If you are in class and there is a new face you do not recognize be sure to introduce yourself.  😉

Coming in October we will be doing a month long nutrition challenge!  Yes!   Some of us will be doing a Whole 30.  Some will not.  Some will be choosing to eliminate at least one thing from their diet (think dairy, sugar, bread, alcohol, meat, etc) for a month to see if there are any changes physically, in their sleep, skin, performance, etc.  Every person is different and we know that there isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to nutrition.  Pick what works for you!

If you are interested in joining us next month now is the time to start preparing!  If doing a Whole 30 is appealing to you take some time to read all about it here: Whole 30 Rules  This month is a great time to start cleaning out the pantry, read it here Get Your House Ready.    Start looking for recipes that you will want to eat.  Research, planning and organization are key for a successful month!  As I’ve mentioned before I have a few favorites but my most favorite is Michelle Tam’s Nom Nom Paleo blog, plus she’s written two cookbooks now and I can honestly say that her food is the bomb!  AND if you click on her “recipes” link she has a whole section devoted entirely to Whole 30!  Have questions?  Feel free to bring it up in class!  Your coaches and some of your fellow athletes are always more than happy to discuss food in class!

Keep up the good work, team!