Food: our best friend and sometimes worst enemy

Food: our best friend and sometimes worst enemy

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Today is day 3 of the Whole 30 for those of us that are participating this month!  Maybe you are not fully participating but have decided to do something else for the month?  Give up one thing that you know can benefit you?  Possibly a dry month, removing dairy or deciding that you are going to drink more water!  Whatever it is you know you are doing yourself a huge favor by resetting your regular diet and heck, it’s only 30 days!  You got this!  Don’t forget we have a Jab Crossfit Whole 30 Facebook page that you should join if you haven’t already.  Lots of posts about what we are eating, recipes, articles, etc to support you during this month.  I post this every time but I love this timeline of what to expect this month, especially good for the first couple of weeks!

There are all kinds of people in the world.  Some who live to eat, others who eat to live.  Some who have issues with food and some who have zero issues.  I have read again and again that we shouldn’t use food as a reward for doing something that we should be doing anyways, like exercise.  We know we need it, we know it makes us feel our best yet I’ve heard that after a hard workout we should not give ourself the go ahead to indulge.  I’m not sure I 100% agree with that theory but I will say that for me I do love food (live to eat) and I do use that as a motivation to get into the gym 5x a week and workout (I’m always thinking about my next meal!).  That said, I know there are things I should not overly indulge in that I do here and there and I use the month of Whole 30 to reset myself and make sure I am getting the macros, fat and protein I need and less of the dairy, alcohol and sugar that I know I don’t need.  Everyone has their own story, their own path.  I would never say that there is only one way to eat as that is never the case!  Doing a month of an elimination diet, especially for the first time, is extremely eye opening.

Do you believe you eat enough though?  Do you believe your regular diet is giving you the most nutrients, energy?  That you feel you can get through a workout and not feel completely depleted?  I came across this great article about “How Eating too Little is Wrecking Your Progress“.  Please take a look!  Sometimes we aren’t conscious of the quantity we actually need to eat when we work out the way we do.  If you aren’t participating in the Whole 30 this month maybe just take the month to keep track of what you do eat!  See how it correlates to your workouts, your sleep, your overall energy level.

Lastly, some PR’s today on the Clean!  Super proud and so excited to see all those numbers!

Keep moving!