The Importance of Competition and Crossfit Kids!

The Importance of Competition and Crossfit Kids!

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I know, it’s been a while!  After Halloween the weeks flew by and I was a little sidelined with an ankle sprain the beginning of this week.  Luckily, everything is fine and with a boot I’m good to go.  Just a little lopsided in my walk 😉  I’m determined to not let a boot slow me down too much.  Even with an injury there is so much I CAN do and I’m excited to be able to do that!

Right before Halloween Coach Annie and I had the pleasure of taking a weekend to complete our Crossfit Kids Certification!  We had an amazing weekend and we are so excited to be able to bring Crossfit Kids to Jab!  On December 6th, from 4:15-5pm,  we plan to run a free one day Crossfit Kids session for ages 9-12.  Then on December 7th, from 4:15-5pm, we will run a free session for teens ages 13 and up.    There will be a limited number of spots, so be sure to sign up your kiddos right away!  Curious about what Crossfit Kids will be like?  Think of it as Coaches making exercise fun.  Kids will learn proper form, technique, body awareness, community and most importantly want to do it again!  What they will not be doing is a 1RM backsquat!  We will teach them how to properly move before ever doing so with weight.  They will play games, learn some new skills and do a little wod!  Your Jab Coaches are super excited!

A big congratulations to Kate who came in 3rd place in her weightlifting competition last weekend!  Woohoo!!!  Kate has been working so hard and we are so proud of her!  I believe doing competitions is so good for athletes.  Similar to when we do the Crossfit Open as a group, competing motivates you like no other workout in our gym.  Every Crossfit competition has different levels for a large range of athletes.  Novice, intermediate, advanced, masters.  Just like in our gym there is a level for everyone.  The thing about signing up for a competition is you are moved to work harder, lift more, move faster because of the adrenaline, the support of people around you and the inner push to get through a workout like none before.  I highly encourage everyone to think about doing one at some point.  It’s super fun, you’ll be amazed at what you are able to do and from my experience you know all of the workouts well before hand and will get lots of time to practice them!  Crossfit has posted a new online competition.  Liftoff begins November 30th and you will have until Dec. 5th to submit your score!  All of our coaches are certified judges.  Check out Liftoff’s information here.  You’ll get to do it at Jab, with your community supporting you!  There are prizes!  It’s fun and I hope you’ll consider it!

This week is Thanksgiving!  We will  be open this week Monday-Wednesday. No class Wednesday at 5pm and we will be closed Thursday and Friday.  Go run the Turkey Trot!  Go for a hike!  Play with your friends and family and enjoy your time!

Keep moving!



Jab Athletes competing in June 2015!

Jab Athletes competing in June 2015!

jab crossfit comp

Maggie in 1st place, Ashley in 2nd at a competition in April 2015