Crossfit Kids seminar and Athlete of the Month!

Crossfit Kids seminar and Athlete of the Month!

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Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!

This week we are hosting a Crossfit Kids Seminar on Wednesday, Dec 6th from 4:15-5pm and a Crossfit Teens Seminar on Thursday, Dec 7th from 4:15-5pm.  Sign ups are still open for Teens, the Kids class is now full.  Coach Annie and I are excited, we are going to have a blast!


Our Athlete of the Month is Natasha!  Natasha has been a member of Jab since 2014.  She always shows up ready to work her hardest, sometimes does kickboxing first and always has great food recipes to share!  Natasha, you are absolutely wonderful to have in our community!  You are constantly on an adventure and an inspiration to everyone.  Thank you for being such an important member of our community!












Natasha Davis, 43

Grew up in Magadan, Russia – literally across from Sarah Palin.
Started Crossfit at Jab in February 1214
When not in Crossfit, I am chasing after three boys and two dogs.  Takes some growling, lots of coffee and alcohol.
On the plus side, the boys are getting me outside mountain biking, skiing, kiting and camping.
I’ve heard about Cross fit, but was a little intimidated to try.
My favorite move is wall balls – nothing like a total body effort.
and dead lifts – for the same reason.
My list of least favorites is kind of long. I will give two:
What I never thought I would do:
a 200lb dead lift
WOD motivation – approaching every WOD as a chipper: breaking it down and doing one move at a time.
Advice for somebody new: give it an honest try for a couple of weeks.
What I love about Crossfit: getting my butt kicked repeatedly, doing something out of my comfort zone and also completing something.
Keep moving!