Athlete of the Month!!

Athlete of the Month!!

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This month I’d like to turn your attention to your fellow athlete, Fred!

Fred not only is a dedicated 5pm-er but did you know he is also a second degree black belt and is teaching karate too?!  Other little known fact, Fred mastered his mad ab rolling skills when he was a young man using his sister’s roller skate!! No wonder he lists it as one of his favorites!

Fred, you are a huge part of our wonderful community.  We love having you in class each day, your commitment and enthusiasm and your incredible determination!

Keep moving,













name: Fred Cohrs
age: 39
where did you grow up? Spokane WA
when did you begin at Jab Crossfit?  Is this the first place you tried Crossfit?  I began my Crossfit training at Jab Crossfit in November of 2015.
what do you do when you aren’t at Jab Crossfit? I work at Greenpoint Technologies in Kirkland, enjoy karate training at AMA, and love spending time with my wife, Courtney.
how did you first hear about Crossfit? I’ve been training in Kenpo Karate at AMA since June 2007, and I first heard about Crossfit from Mr. Herman and Ms. Kristin.
when did you realize Crossfit was right for you?  It’s been two years and sometimes I still wonder. However, whether or not I like the WOD, I always like how I feel when the WOD is over. I guess that’s when I realize Crossfit is right for me.
what is your favorite wod/movement/lift? It’s a tie between Ab Roller and running the 5k.
what is your least favorite wod/movement/lift? Double Unders
what is something you have done at Jab Crossfit that you never thought you would do? The Snatch. All of the barbell workouts were new movements for me in Crossfit.
what motivates you to get through a wod? A lot of self talk: “Keep going.”, “This isn’t forever.”, “You can finish this.”, “This will come to an end.”, etc. Coach Annie’s encouragement during a WOD is great for motivation. The best is when Maggie and Amado join in. If I give up, I miss out.
tell us something about yourself that we may not know. I was homeschooled. I know, you can hardly tell.
what advice would you give to someone new to Crossfit? Communicate with the coaches. Err on the side of not injuring yourself. You will still get a good workout.
do you have any Crossfit goals?  Maybe someday I’ll be able to do Double Unders.
what do you love most about Crossfit? The community. I value the environment and culture at Alpha Martial Arts, and Jab Crossfit is a great part of that.