Registration begins!

Registration begins!

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The Crossfit Open registration begins today and your coaches are so excited!  Most of you know all about the Crossfit Open.  The annual event that includes every single Crossfit affiliate and athlete all over the world.  Starting Feb. 22nd Crossfit will release one workout a week for everyone to do.  It doesn’t matter if you have muscle ups or not, it doesn’t matter if you don’t do double unders or you can do triple unders.  What I love about the Open is that EVERYONE can participate and when you realize that you are doing the same workouts as everyone else in the world it is exhilarating!  Registration is $20, I swear it motivates so many of us to get into the gym each week, to work our hardest, and gives us that extra little push.  Curious but not sure?  I think everyone in our gym should sign up!  Don’t worry, the odds of getting to the Crossfit Games are 99% not in your favor but getting to the games is not the goal.  Doing this as a community is the goal!  The excitement and energy in our gym during the Open is some of our most beloved times here!  Crossfit recently wrote this article, please read it.  I love it.

Keep moving!