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It’s done!  18.1 in the books!  That workout wasn’t half bad.  It wasn’t a feeling of OMG I might die, or I feel ill.  Nope, it was pretty much a battle of grip and sheer endurance to never stop for 20 minutes!  In the past Open wods we’ve come across some brutal workouts that left us gasping on the floor and never wanting to experience it again.  I actually loved that this first Open wod was one that gave the opportunity for a lot more people to be able to actually do the work and get pretty far in the 20 minutes AND if you have your toe to bar or the strength could do it RX.  People, that isn’t typical in this pre-qualifier for the Crossfit Regionals.  Sure, none of us got close to Sam Briggs 14 rounds in the 20 minutes but that’s what is so cool about the Open!  We are competing with about 500,000 people all over the world and we are doing great!  Now, no matter if you are actually registered for the Open or not, what each and every workout comes down to is YOU.  Yep, especially this time of year you come in.  You do the work.  You know your body and what you are capable of doing, when you need to dial it back, when you need to rest, where you can push yourself a little more but most importantly you are doing the best thing for yourself by coming in and getting work done!  I came across this Manifesto by She Thrives Blog yesterday, I wanted to share it with you because it is such a good reminder for each of us to keep ourselves in check.  So respect yourself and prep yourself to do your very best every. single. day.  The next Open WOD will be this Friday, so eat well this week.  Sleep great and keep up the amazing work!

Thank you to everyone who came in last Friday!  We had so much fun working out with a large group (lots of cheering!!) and the food was fantastic!!

Keep moving,



1. I will take care of my body, and eat, train, recover, mobilize and rest like an athlete. My body is working hard for me and I will respect and tend to it every way I can.

2. I will set an intention before each workout, and find something important and personal that I want to focus on, regardless of what everyone else is doing around me, to remind myself that my journey is my own.

3. I will check in with myself after each workout and find something that went RIGHT to remind myself why I am here and why I’m already better for what I’m doing.

4. I fully embrace where I am today; not where I used to be, or perhaps wish I were, but where I stand today in my life, in my body, and I will be happy with whatever my current 100% effort looks like.

5. I will stop defining myself in relative terms (stronger, weaker, slower, etc), and focus only on my own shit. I will remember I’m not here to WIN (relative), I’m here to improve myself– which comes in many different forms, lessons, and challenges, which I will embrace.

6. I will find a way to push myself and question or destroy my self-imposed limitations, and celebrate even the tiniest of triumphs. I will remember how far I’ve come and feel grateful for my body and abilities.

7. I will support my teammates as they face their own demons, and help remind them how strong they are. I will speak to myself the same way I speak to them.

8. I will watch excuses, comparison, and self doubt float through my mind and recognize it as fear, and remember that I’m bigger than that; the only difference between fun and fury is my perspective. I will keep my mind calm, clear, and confident.

9. I will feel proud of myself for even showing up; for being brave enough to walk into the arena. I will remember that THIS SHIT IS HARD. I will take this opportunity to square up against my own fears seriously, to show them that I’m here and I mean business.

10. I will not take this too seriously, because it is competitive exercising, and nothing is on the line. I am crystal clear that a time on a workout does not define my worth as a coach, as an athlete, or as a human, and that this is supposed to be FUN.

18.1 and Our Athlete of the Month!



Tomorrow is the day!!  At 5pm, Crossfit will announce the first workout (also known as 18.1) of the Open!  Games Director, Dave Castro, will let the world know what 18.1 is and immediately Crossfit Athletes Samantha Briggs and Kristin Holte will then compete in said workout.  I am so excited, this is it!  The season we have been talking about for months!  Why do we do this?  Because Crossfit is about community.  It’s about hard work, dedication and persistence.  It’s about not giving up.  It is about competing against yourself and pushing hard.  It’s about encouraging your fellow athlete in class, about cheering each other on.  Tomorrow, when the first workout is announced, everyone in the world who does Crossfit will be doing that same wod over the next couple of days.  Everyone will take a deep breath, dig deep and get to work!  I can’t wait.  I’m nervous and elated!  What does Dave Castro have in store?!  We will get to do 18.1 on Friday, and if you are signed up for the Crossfit Open you will get an opportunity to do it (or redo it) Sunday and Monday morning.  Those of you signed up for the Open you will have to submit your scores by 5pm on Monday!  Don’t forget!

This month we turn our focus to one amazing Jablete in our community, John!  John has been a dedicated member since 2013 which makes him part of the original group of Jabletes in our gym, dedicated to the early 6:30am group and an incredible marathon runner.  Clearly John enjoys those running wods more than most of us!  John, thank you for being such a valuable member of our community!













 name: John Piccola 
 age: 48
where did you grow up? Rome N.Y. 
when did you begin at Jab Crossfit?  Is this the first place you tried Crossfit?  This is the first and only place I have done CrossFit and I started way back in fall 2013.
what do you do when you aren’t at Jab Crossfit? I work for the government providing oversight for Boeing system for airplane design/certification, help raise two teenagers with my wife (of 20 years), take on extensive remodel projects, and run!
how did you first hear about Crossfit?  I had joined Alpha earlier that same year for kickboxing / Muay Thai and heard about this new CrossFit program!
when did you realize Crossfit was right for you?  Right after I started when I realized the potential strength gains and after my but was kicked in such a short amount of time for my first WOD
what is your favorite wod/movement/lift? My favorite WOD is Helen because it involves both running and kettlebell swings and not a ridiculous amount of pull ups.  My favorite strength exercise is back squats as it just seems so fundamental to everything we do (on and out of class).
what is your least favorite wod/movement/lift? I don’t love burpees, who does, and I’m still struggling  on successful double unders so those are both up there for different reasons. Similarly, with continuing shoulder woes I don’t look forward to workouts that involve a snatch/overhead squat.
what is something you have done at Jab Crossfit that you never thought you would do?  I never thought I would deadlift or back squat what I have
what motivates you to get through a wod? Just like a running race first it’s finishing then it’s trying to push harder for that best time.  Of course it helps if I try (emphasis on try) to keep a modified pace to Brian.
tell us something about yourself that we may not know.  I soloed (flew by myself) in an airplane when I was 15, I have flown a helicopter and driven a race car around the Las Vegas race track
what advice would you give to someone new to Crossfit?  Focus on getting good form, modify as needed (down time due to injury does not help), and have fun
do you have any Crossfit goals?  I’d like to increase form/efficiency in squat cleans (after I recover from our last WOD), back squat increase, and find the right balance in increasing pull up efficiency without injury!
what do you love most about Crossfit? The 6:30 am class and coach!
Keep moving!


Time to Register!



Boy, we’ve had some fun (yet tough!) wods the past few weeks!  It’s so amazing to see everyone putting  intensity into their workouts and also applaud athletes that are conscious of their own individual scaling in workouts.  Listening to your body is key.  Some days maybe you shouldn’t do the rx weight when you normally would give it a try.  Other days modifying a movement works best for you!  Heck, I’m still recovering from a sprained ankle and still won’t do “xyz” in our wods each week.

The CrossFit Open begins in a few weeks and when you do the workout for each of the 5 weeks you can choose between scaled or RX!  That’s right!  Some things are in your wheelhouse and some may not be.  I love that they give this option.  We know that we aren’t going to the games, but it still is fun to get to do the same workouts as some of those elite athletes that we cheer for at the Games!  This makes the Open fun and doable.  Register HERE for the Open.  I hope just about everyone in our gym signs up this year!

We will be running things a little different this Open season.  We plan to kick off the 2018 Open with a potluck following the last workout on Friday, Feb. 23rd!  Each Friday of the Open we will run the workout at 6:30am, 10:45pm and a few heats in the evening.  Details to come!  Should be a really fun time for everyone!

Keep Moving!


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