Time to Register!

Time to Register!

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Boy, we’ve had some fun (yet tough!) wods the past few weeks!  It’s so amazing to see everyone putting  intensity into their workouts and also applaud athletes that are conscious of their own individual scaling in workouts.  Listening to your body is key.  Some days maybe you shouldn’t do the rx weight when you normally would give it a try.  Other days modifying a movement works best for you!  Heck, I’m still recovering from a sprained ankle and still won’t do “xyz” in our wods each week.

The CrossFit Open begins in a few weeks and when you do the workout for each of the 5 weeks you can choose between scaled or RX!  That’s right!  Some things are in your wheelhouse and some may not be.  I love that they give this option.  We know that we aren’t going to the games, but it still is fun to get to do the same workouts as some of those elite athletes that we cheer for at the Games!  This makes the Open fun and doable.  Register HERE for the Open.  I hope just about everyone in our gym signs up this year!

We will be running things a little different this Open season.  We plan to kick off the 2018 Open with a potluck following the last workout on Friday, Feb. 23rd!  Each Friday of the Open we will run the workout at 6:30am, 10:45pm and a few heats in the evening.  Details to come!  Should be a really fun time for everyone!

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