It is Fun!

It is Fun!

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We are at week 3 of the Crossfit Open and even if you never signed up you are DOING IT!  The first two workouts were, overall, at a level that everyone could do them in some capacity.  Either RX or Scaled, we could DO IT!  We could walk away from it feeling great!  This week, well.  This is a whole different animal.  RX is at a level that is really setting the bar high and will clearly show the 1% of the athletes that can do 800 double unders, 40 heavy overhead squats, 24 ring muscle ups, 24 bar muscle ups, 40 dumbbell snatches no problemo.  Muscle ups?  Yeah, that’s a cinch.  The hard part for the 1% might be more like can I finish the two rounds in 14 minutes.  For the rest of the 99% of the world doing todays wod its about moving the whole time and for some of us getting that first unassisted pull up!  I am so darn proud of the athletes working today.  I’ve seen determination, intensity and what I most love to see,  smiles.  This is supposed to be fun and each and every one of you is coming in, doing the workout and leaving with a huge grin on your face because that’s what it’s all about people!  If we weren’t having fun we wouldn’t keep doing it day after day!  Ah, I love you all!

I saw this post on JournalMenu yesterday on Facebook and I wanted to share with you.

Find the right weight.

Seriously. Find the weight that challenges you, the one that pushes you to work all of your muscles.

Find the weight that requires for your midline to be strong, and your form to be perfect.

Find the weight that asks you to search your soul and burns your muscles on the way up.

Find the weight that does all of that but doesn’t break you.

That is your perfect weight. No more. No less.


I love this.  We get caught up on what the rx is on the board and I find that more and more of you are working on exactly what they are saying which makes your coaches SO PROUD.    95 pounds might be light for one athlete, incredibly heavy for another.  That’s the thing about seeing what the rx is, that it’s just a number on the board.  What we want is for you to know yourself and let your ego go to do what is challenging, keeps your perfect form and makes you work hard!

Keep up the amazing work, team!