PSSST! It’s almost time for Murph!

PSSST! It’s almost time for Murph!

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We are now just about to the middle of May and soon it will be Memorial Day! Since the beginning of Jab, Murph has been an annual tradition and this year will be no different! We are all looking forward to running and all of those pull ups, push ups and squats and then running some more, right?!?! Some will wear a vest this year and some won’t, some will do a half Murph and some will do full Murph. It’s a really great time to all come together, meet some of those names that you see on the white board but have never met, and cheer each other on in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy. Read about Lt Michael Murphy

Now, don’t let the words “most brutal crossfit hero wod” intimidate you. Yes, it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard. But like the post said you are doing this wod in honor of Lt Michael Murphy and all the other men and women who have and are currently serving our country, sacrificing everything. You got this, we KNOW you can do it. Here is how it’ll work come Monday May 28th: We will only run one class on Monday, at 10:45am. Get here on time, do a little warm up and definitely some mobility. You’ll be nervous, excited and everyone will be chatty. You’ll have taken care of your calluses one last time before you arrive. You will have hydrated well, eaten a little something a few hours before and most importantly gotten a fantastic night of sleep. Cannot wait!

Also, I wanted to remind those newer athletes that if this is your first Murph, you have the option to do a 1/2 Murph. Partner up with another athlete also doing 1/2 Murph and bust out that full Murph together! We got this!

Following this awesome workout we will host a potluck here at Jab! Bring food, beverages, whatever motivates you to finish strong and enjoy with your fellow athletes! Looking forward to this!

Keep Moving!