Month: June 2018

Month: June 2018

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Summer is here and somehow it is actually the END of June!! How on earth did that happen?? Next week is the 4th of July and we will only be open for the following:
MONDAY, July 2nd 6:30am AND 10:45am
TUESDAY, July 3rd 10:45 am

NO 5pm classes. The rest of the week your coaches expect you to have fun, be safe and get outside!! How about a family game of wiffle ball? Maybe time to try that Burpee Mile we always talk about, keg carries anyone? 😉 We will see you back on Monday, July 9th for regular classes!
Worried you won’t get any workouts in next week, or much this summer at all because vacation/kids/life? Check out this Travel Wod site that will give you all kinds of body weight workouts you can do anywhere!

Mark your calendars and set your dvr’s because the 2018 Crossfit Games start on August 1st and run through August 5th! I cannot wait to watch this year! Maybe some year we can make a Jab Crossfit pilgrimage to Madison, Wisconsin to cheer on the athletes in person 😉
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