It is time!!!

It is time!!!

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Tomorrow kicks off the 2018 Crossfit Games! I can’t tell you how exciting this time of year is. All of the top athletes who have gone through the Crossfit Open (yep, exactly the same workouts we did last winter) the Crossfit Regionals and now the Games will begin competing tomorrow where they have 4 workouts! Where can you watch this amazing feat? CBS Sports will air 2 hours each day, program that dvr now! Online at CrossfitGames , and streaming on Facebook. All the big names are there: Fraiser, Smith, Toomey, Briggs, Davidsdottir, Sigmundsdottir, Thorisdottir, Pearce to name a few! Who will be on top of the podium come Sunday? Stay tuned! First they have to get through day 1 which for the first three WODS looks hard enough, but super exciting to watch. Starting with A criterium, aka the Nascar race of cycling. 10 laps of a 1,200m course. Followed by 30 muscle ups for time then The Crossfit Total, which is a 1RM Back squat, shoulder press and deadlift. All in 4 minutes for each lift! Then Dave Castro just announced event 4 which is a marathon row. YEP. a. marathon. row. That’s 42,195 meters with a 4 hour time cap. Good thing they have a rest day Thursday!
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