Month: August 2018

Month: August 2018

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I DO hope you were able to sit down and watch at least a few of the events during the 2018 Crossfit Games! They were so exciting! Coach Annie and I had a blast watching together, came up with all sorts of ideas- HAHA!!
Who was crowned the fittest? Well, no surprise on the top fittest man and woman. Tia-Clair Toomey and Matt Fraser both took first place. The most exciting part of the Games? The rookies who took second in the womens, Laura Horvath, and tied for third in the mens, Lukas Hogberg! Coach Annie and I were cheering like crazy for Katrin Davidsdottir who was back on the podium for third place and Patrick Vellner who got second! Patrick started off the weekend with a rough start, his bike chain broke in the first event- Crit! He came in 35th place then took a bad fall in the 5th event: The Battleground, which it turns out bruised his lung! Yikes! He battled his way back up and we were SO excited for him! Where was Sam Briggs? Well, she was in the Masters 35-39 division and came in second place!! She is a beast!

Missed watching? You can find all the events on YouTube now. What’s next? The Team Series!! Yep, we could put together a team to compete! This year is all about the twos: two-person teams will take on two sets of workouts over two weeks. It starts September 19 and ends October 1. Teams can be made up of two men, two women, or a man and a woman.
Here’s how registration works: you will pay US$40 and invite your teammate with a unique link.

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