Month: September 2018

Month: September 2018

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Fall is here! Kids are back in a routine which means we are back in a routine!
Tomorrow we kick off fall with our new Jab CrossFit On-Ramp program! Please help spread the word to your friends and family!
Our On Ramp program begins with 2 weeks of semi-private classes to introduce you safely to foundational movements and our approach to building health and wellness through the CrossFit methodology. We believe that CrossFit can benefit everybody and every body 🙂

Our Fall 2018 On-Ramp begins the week of 10/01/18.
On Ramp Class Times:
Mondays and Wednesdays 12:00-1:00pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00-5:00pm
Following 2 weeks of semi-private on-ramp classes, you will join our regular group classes for the remainder of October 🙂
Group Class Times:
Mondays: 6:30am, 10:45am, 5pm
Tuesdays: 10:45am, 5pm
Wednesdays: 6:30am, 10:45am, 5pm
Thursdays: 10:45am, 5pm
Fridays: 6:30am, 10:45am

Friends can register here and use the code AMAVIP50 to receive 50% off the intro price!

Traditionally we have done Whole 30 every October and we have decided to give YOU the option of how you’d like to challenge yourself this month! Maybe Whole 30 is perfect for you this month or you’ve done Whole 30 numerous times and you are ready to try something different. There is a whole list of options: Keto, macro counting, vegan, vegetarian, paleo. Starting tomorrow, October 1st, I challenge you to do something that you have been wanting to change in your regular meal planning but need a little encouragement. Tomorrow is the day! It could be a big change like eliminating certain foods that are known to cause inflammation. It could be small like not eating sugar/dairy/beer/red meat/soda or no doughnuts for a month. Yep, something!
Whatever it is this evening make a plan and tomorrow morning stick with it! Join our Facebook group Jab CrossFit Nutrition Challenge to post your triumphs and struggles. To encourage your community and share some awesome food inspiration! Do it because it’s good for you and heck, it’s only 30 days! Tomorrow I hope you post what you are doing for the 30 day challenge on our site!

Keep moving!

Month: September 2018

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We have suddenly come to the beginning of Fall and most importantly, the kids are back in school!!! Summer was fun, it seemed to have slowly drifted by with lots of sunshine, downtime, gorgeous evenings and, from the looks of it, some excellent travel adventures! We are super excited to get our gang back together! We’ve missed everyone that has been off on adventures! Now, the leaves are just starting to turn and I swear the other night I felt that nice little chill in the air.

Now it’s time to get to shift the focus back to YOU! Yes, for some of you getting into the gym regularly hasn’t happened but I want to say that this is TOTALLY OK. Yes, those first few wods might be a bit harder than usual but stick with it because I promise it gets better and gets better fast! Don’t let those first few workouts deter you from coming in, consistency is key right now!

We have plans to host a fun Fall Kickoff/Back to School Party. Details to come! My hopes is it involves a fun wod followed by delicious food and beverages! Stay tuned!

Now, I know Coach Chris has posted this weightlifting meet on our facebook page but I wanted to remind you all that the 2018 Armor Open is happening soon! October 27th! There is a novice division that does NOT require you to be a USAW member nor do you have to wear a singlet! Find out details HERE and register. Sunday Barbell Club is working on a progression for this event so please let your coach know if you are interested and most importantly, get in to Sunday 8:15am Barbell Club! Coach Will and Kate are awesome and have a wealth of knowledge to share with you!

Lastly, Coach Annie has recently become a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Corrective Exercises Specialist! She will be offering a 60min private session(s) to evaluate any imbalances that you might have developed over the years and then “will then develop a plan to address those impairments head on to help prevent injury and keep you in the game. Sessions are great for anyone, whether injury free, recovering from an injury, or experiencing discomfort.” SO EXCITED as Coach Annie has been working hard at this certification and offering this to our athletes at Jab just makes absolute sense! Want more information? Interested in talking with Coach Annie and setting up a private? She has lots of morning and afternoon times available. Email her

See you in the gym! Keep moving!

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