Thoughts on Wellness

Thoughts on Wellness

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What gorgeous weather we have had, how lucky are we to get to enjoy such sunshine and color?! I hope you are all planning your Halloween Costume for next Wednesday, AMA is officially closed BUT we will have Crossfit classes and costumes are a must! I do have an extra bacon costume if you really are stuck for an idea.
I wonder how your nutrition challenge is going, or not? Everyone (including myself) has been super quiet on our facebook page. Now, I can say that besides for the occasional mini snickers (it WAS for trick or treaters but…), I’ve been sticking to it. I’ll blame some of the workouts we’ve done lately that I need a little something something after 😉 I actually completely forget to take a photo of my meal! I eat it, remember, shrug and try to remember next time. Well, that isn’t working so great. We are coming to the end of the month so we hope to see some great costumes and maybe you’ll get a treat next Wednesday!!

My best friend, since childhood, recently wrote a great article about wellness. Though she is talking about physicians, I really found a lot of what she has to say true to myself as a mom in her early to late 40’s and on this journey into fitness/wellness and I wanted to share it with you. We all need to give ourselves a break when it comes to where we are in our lives. Sometimes we can’t (or shouldn’t) do the rx that particular day/week/month. Maybe, sometimes, we need to dial it down a bit and though still come into the gym but not guilting ourselves to expect that we might PR Cindy or get a new 1RM. Being in class is the first step, right? Listen to our body is the second step. Not feeling it? Don’t go heavy. Move your body a little, get your heartrate up a bit, breathe, get sweaty and darn it, enjoy it!! Feeling great? GO FOR IT!!!! Be honest with yourself each and everyday. I’m not saying stop working out if you don’t feel it. What I am saying is ask yourself. Take that moment while you are lacing up your sneakers to check in with yourself. Feel like lifting some heavy barbells? Want to try for your first unassisted pull up? Work on linking some double-unders together? Yes!! That’s what you need to do! Didn’t sleep well and just want to do some mobility? Yes! Do that! As a community we support and inspire each other. I know for myself lately I have not been doing the RX weight, using a band for pullups, not being myself up for not being able to do a muscle up yet and not doing hand stand push ups. Why? Because I know myself well enough, now that I’ve been doing Crossfit for over 5 years, that some of those things just don’t work for me. I don’t feel great the next day (migraines!), it’s too hard on my neck/shoulders/knees, or I know doing under the RX weight for barbells I still get a good workout but without any pain. Some things I like to do because I know I can do them well and I won’t suffer because if it. I pick those things when I can, that is when I can give more in a workout. Moving in general feels great, makes me feel good. Feeling good is the best! Isn’t that why we come to the gym? To feel good? You know what else is motivating? Seeing you all come in a workout! That is inspiration!

Here is my favorite paragraph from Amy’s article: “So here is my advice for wellness: allow yourself to suck at things. Pick the top few things that are really important to you, do them well, and feel good about that. (I choose: spending time with my family, patient care, and teaching.) Then, decide what things can slack off on and do it. (Mine are: cleaning my house, attending conferences, washing my car, volunteering at my kids’ schools, flossing, financial planning, organizing photos, grating my own cheese, folding laundry, doing required online trainings, and a few hundred others.) Say no to that after-hours work meeting, and don’t give a reason. Write marginal clinic notes so you can get out in time for that yoga class (or that nap). Or take on the extra interesting patient and stay late, if it brings you joy. Wellness is about fueling yourself, and the great thing about medicine is sometimes that fuel comes from our work. Just realize that nobody can do it all, so it might be a good night to make cereal for dinner.” I love it.

mmmm, cereal.

Keep moving!