Month: December 2018

Month: December 2018

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The holidays are here! We are working on finalizing our schedule between Christmas and New Years, TBD!

Do you know that the Crossfit Games season has already started?? Currently in Dubai there is a Crossfit Championship and today is the final day! Since Wednesday, your favorite Crossfit Games athletes have been competing in some serious WODS. One called the “Acid Bath” yikes! It was a
500m SkiErg
500m Row
1000m BikeErg
with a 7 min time cap for Women and a 6 min time cap for men! Want to read about the workouts and watch the events? Check it out here and here! This is the pre-qualifier for the Crossfit Games and the Open. I was heavily cheering for Sam Briggs and Sara Sigmundsdottir!! Do you know the Crossfit Open begins Feb 21?!?! It’ll be here before you know it!

Lastly, this year we are collecting new kids books for Page Ahead. Page Ahead is local literacy nonprofit that gives books to elementary school children in underserved communities across Washington State. We invite you to join us! We will have a collection box available at Jab Crossfit and at the party and will bring it to Page Ahead in January. Here’s a link to their wish list (though any new children’s book is great!):

Keep Moving!