Month: February 2019

Month: February 2019

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Can you believe it’s already that time of year? The 2019 Crossfit Open kicks off this week, and for the following 4 weeks, with the first workout announcement at 5pm on Thursday. We will all get to do the workout the following Friday! It’s time to sign up, everyone should do it. It’s the most incredible time to be an athlete, to be a part of this incredible community! The Open is for EVERYONE. You can register and watch the announcement here
Why should you do the Open? Quoted by Jessica Danger, the managing editor for Morning Chalk Up, “Greg Glassman is the first person to ever define the term fitness. And this is the modus operandi of CrossFit; You can now measure your fitness. What better way to do that than the Open? Every year you get to see where you stand in your box, in your state, in your age group, in your country, and in the world.
You get to see how much you’ve grown from last year to this year. Maybe this year you got your first RX Open workout. Maybe your first strict handstand push up. Maybe you PR’d your clean. These are things you can measure.
And, you can also measure your ability to meet the unknown and be prepared for the unknowable.
The same fear that crept up when CrossFit announced its changes is the same fear you can conquer in the Open. The fear of failure, “Can I do this?” The fear of being overlooked, “What about me?” The fear of being mediocre, “But where do I stand?”
There’s only one way around that fear. You have to meet it. You can do that in the Open.” Thank you, Jessica. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve seen PR’s in the Open! I’ve seen athletes push themselves in a wod like no other. There’s nothing I love more than hearing our community yell and cheer for each other! Do it. Sign up today! You’ll be doing the workouts no matter what so make it count!

Bonus for this season, we will be running a 10am Sunday Fun Day for the next 5 weeks. You will get a chance to do the Open workout for that week OR if you did the WOD on Friday and would like to better your time/reps you will have a chance to come in! This will be the Open WOD only at that time 😉

Keep moving,

Coach Annie and Coach Abby during 17.2!