Pain Prevention

Mobility, Function, And Pain Free Movement

Our goal at Jab is to help people do the things they love to do. That means providing classes that enable athletes to stay healthy, fit, and mobile. We want you to be able to run that marathon you’ve always wanted to run, be able to go on a hike with your grandkids, and maybe try skiing for the first time. In other words, not only do we want to help “keep you in the game”, but help you get even better at it!

Often times, what gets in the way of this goal is pain. Tweaks and aches are a natural part of any athlete’s life, but when these things turn into pain, it can keep us from doing the things we love doing. But pain and injury can be prevented, and it is not only something we can help avoid but something we can also work to minimize.

What To Expect:

Through specific programming, our coaches will be able decrease the risk of pain or help reduce it. This is accomplished through an evaluation of the way you move your body. A specialist will identify patterns which can lead to injury, and implement a plan to address them. This plan typically involves stretching chronically tight areas of the body and strengthening weak muscles that are no longer functioning the way they should. The ultimate goal is to help return your body to it’s healthiest and most functional state of being.

*If you are experiencing numbness, severe pain, or chronic pain (persisting 3 months or more), you will be referred to a licensed physical therapist.*

Book A Session:

Pain Prevention Privates are 60 minutes long.

Monday / Friday: 7:45-9:30am, 10:45-12:30pm

Tuesday: 2pm – 5pm

Wednesday: 7:45-9:30am, 10:45-5pm