Personal Training

Personal Training Is Great For:

Rapidly Achieving Your Fitness & Health Goals

Consistency & Accountability

Training For An Event, Adventure, Race, Or Competition.

A Dedicated Coach & Customized Plan To Help You Succeed



If you have personal fitness goals, or you prefer to work out one on one with a coach, we’re ready to help. You don’t have to be a “CrossFitter” or a member at our gym to take advantage of our personal training program. All you have to be is ready to show up, work hard, and have fun!


What To Expect:

Sessions are either 30 minutes of skill or mobility work or a full hour session depending on your needs and goals. The first session is a meet and greet where you and your coach can discuss your goals and past experience. You will also run through a quick movement assessment to determine your baseline. From there, your coach will develop a curriculum plan that is specialized just for you.

Book A Session


30 Minute Skill / Mobility sessions: $30 for members, $45 for non members

1 Hour Personal Training sessions: $45 for members, $60 for non members

“Buddy Sessions” (2-3 people / coach): 10% discount

Schedule With A Coach

Monday / Friday: 7:45-9:30am, 10:45-12:30pm

Tuesday: 2pm – 5pm

Wednesday: 7:45-9:30am, 10:45-5pm